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Artistic Creations by Clickphotogirl

Custom Metal Wall Plates (18"x12")-Master Shot Design

Custom Metal Wall Plates (18"x12")-Master Shot Design

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Custom Metal Wall Plates- Stunning Designs to add to your decor.

  • We've started with (7) designs
  • Each plate is (18" x12") size
  • Each plate is made of Tough, Rugged, but lightweight metal
  • Extra thick, heavy-duty 80 mil rustproof aluminum.
  • Clad in Premium 3M vinyl, 7+ year durability backed by a 3M warranty.
  • Room decor - Perfect decor for ANY Room.
  • Easy to mount - Comes with two holes for mounting or hanging.
  • Perfect gift - A truly unique gift, guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone.
  • Purchase (2) Aluminum STANDOFFS for your Wall. With the clean lines and the attractive appearance of using aluminum standoffs, any sign is given a modern updated and stylish look and easy to use.

Check out OUR Designs you won't be disappointed!

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