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How to Display YOUR 2024 Graduation Banner and Much More!- by Clickphotogirl

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Do you want to get full use out of your purchase? Some people only use a Graduation Banner One way. Here are just a few ways you can use your Graduation Banner that you might not have thought of this year! 

  • A backdrop for your Graduation Party
  • As a Yard Sign Announcement
  • A Sign to Direct People to your Graduation Party
  • A Larger-than-life Graduation Card
  • A Tablecloth for Graduation Party (It is tough, it will resist scratches)


Displaying your Graduation Banner-
There are multiple ways to hang your graduation banner. The simple answer is there is NO WRONG WAY!
  • Hang your banner in the Yard.
  • Hang your banner on a Fence.
  • Hang your banner IN (or) ON your House, Condo, or Apartment.
  • Hang your banner on a Gate.

These are just a few locations that many of our clients have used in the past.

  Graduation Banner 2024 in yard-clickphotogirl.store Graduation Banner 2024-on house-clicphotogirl.store

  Graduation Banner 2024-Displayed @ Party Location-clickphotogirl.store Graduation Banner 2024-on fence-clickphotogirl.store

 Your Graduation Banner- Your banner will be finished with a 1” hem on all (4) sides, with the appropriate number of grommets for easy hanging.

(You will not be able to see these images on your artwork, however they are there.)

Items needed for Hanging Your Graduation Banner-

The Traditional Way (Displaying as a Yard Sign): Consider using the following items:

  • (2) -5' Steel Fence Light Duty U-Post-

(Purchase at your local Big Box Store-Menard’s, Home Depot, or Lowes--$5.40 ea.)

  • Zip Ties (or) Bungee cords- (pack of 100)


  • Tent Pegs - Aluminum 7” Tent Stake Pegs (pack of 12)


  • Paracord 50ft Black Parachute Cord, 100% Nylon - (1 -50ft. roll)


  • Rubber Mallet (or) Small Hammer


  • A Friend to Help set it up—Priceless.

On to Displaying your Graduation Banner-

  • Unroll your banner, and allow your banner to relax in the SUN.
  • Then lay out (1) light duty fence post where you want to display your banner.
  • NOW, Using your Rubber Mallet or Hammer, pound post #1 into the ground.
  •  Gently slide your banner, next to the post.
  • NOW, Using your Rubber Mallet or Hammer, pound into the ground post #2 @ the opposite end of the banner.
  • Using your Zip ties or Bungee cords. Loop a tie thru each of the grommets on Both ENDS of the banner, and around the posts. (Now, Pull tight)
  • Cut your 50ft. Parachute cord roll in half (2- lengths of 25ft)
  • NOW, loop the parachute cord around the top of each post and RETURN each END to the ground away from the banner.
  • Using your Rubber Mallet or Hammer, pound into the ground a Tent Peg to Tie the parachute cord ends to the Tent Peg.

All banners will naturally sag over time, simply adjust the parachute cord as needed.

Your banner is strong enough to weather the outside elements for a very long time. So, feel free to display your banner as soon as YOU WANT.

We placed a banner, exactly like the one you are thinking of purchasing, in our yard for OVER 2 years before it started to show signs of wear.

I feel sorry for the neighbors, but we wanted to see how long the materials and inks would handle the daily Torture of Mother Nature.


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